On the evening of February 10th, in Oslo, the Embassy of Vietnam in Norway organized a celebration to welcome Lunar New Year. All officials and employees of the Embassy and a large number of Vietnamese expatriates attended the event.  

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                                    Ambassador Nguyen Hong Cuong delivered opening remarks

At his opening speech, Ambassador Nguyen Hong Cuong warmly wished overseas Vietnamese community and their families a healthy, happy and successful new year of 2018.  

Ambassador welcomed the great efforts of the Vietnamese community in integrating in the local society, strengthening solidarity, preserving national identity and culture, contributing to the development of homeland and continuing to be the bridge to promote the friendship and multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and Norway.

Ambassador re-affirmed that the overseas Vietnamese community in Norway is an integral part of the nation and the government has implemented many policies and measures to facilitate the return of Vietnamese expatriates to visit relatives or do business in Vietnam as well as protect their legitimate interests. 

On this occasion, the Ambassador also highlighted important achievements of the country in the past year, especially on socio-economic development, regional and international integration as well as positive development of the relation between Vietnam and Norway.

On behalf of the Vietnamese community in Norway, the President of the Vietnam Homeland Association expressed his appreciation to the Embassy for hosting Tet holiday celebration for Vietnamese expatriates every year, and reiterated the attachement between Vietnamese expatriates in Norway and Vietnam Homeland.

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​​2018 Lunar New Year celebration took place in a happy and warm atmosphere. Pariticpants enjoyed the special performances and traditional Vietnamese New Year dishes. 
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                                                          Vietnamese Embassy's staffs and family

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