Updates on 21 March 2020 about measures to prevent spread of Covid-19 virus

     1. Government of Viet Nam has decided to temporarily suspend unilateral visa exemption policy for citizens from Belarus, Russia and Japan in a bid to contain spread of the novel coronavirus to the Southeast Asian nation.

      The decision shall take effect since 12h00 on March 21, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

     Citizens from the aforesaid countries holding ordinary passports will still be able to visit Viet Nam provided that they have obtained proper visas prior to their arrival.

      Citizens who hold diplomatic or official passport are eligible to enter Viet Nam without visa in line with the current agreements on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and official passports signed between Viet Nam and the above countries.

      Entrants from Belarus, Russia and Japan shall be subject to medical preventive measures in accordance with the applicable regulations of Viet Nam.

      The Foreign Ministry said Viet Nam had informed the three countries about the decision and will make proper adjustments in accordance with the developments of the pandemic.

    2. From 12:00 p.m March 21 2020, Viet Nam shall temporarily suspend the validity of all Visa Exemption Certificates issued for Vietnamese residing overseas and their spouses and children.

     Overseas Vietnamese and their spouses and children having been granted with certificate of visa exemption shall only be allowed to enter Viet Nam if they apply for appropriate visas.

     3. All travelers to Viet Nam shall need to meet with relevant medical pre-emptive requirements./.

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